Semillas de Justicia Community Garden Canopy

LVEJO has long cultivated a community space at the 2700 block of Troy Street, where neighbors gather to enjoy the outdoors, share their culture, and bicker with each other as good friends will. Little Village is almost entirely a latinx immigrant community, and the gardens beckon back to their rural roots, offering space to cultivate hard-to-find plants and herbs as well as celebrate holidays, provide educational programming, and gather for communal meals throughout the summer. For years, the gardeners have been hoping to build a roof over their central patio to make the space more welcoming to elders and children during hot summer months, and ensure programming can continue even during wet or otherwise adverse weather. JustDesign participated in three community meetings where neighbors shared what brought them to the space, how they hoped to use it in the future, and what aspects of the garden canopy construction could be optimized to support their own farming. The project’s completion is eagerly anticipated, after legal and financial hurdles are cleared.